1. Bunnyville is one of the best freebuild servers around. The IP is t.bunnyville.org and the port is 7777. Or, just click here to join the server automatically.


by Loganizer at 3:40 PM
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The server is now public again.
by Cau at 9:08 PM
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So many of you are probably wondering what happened?
Now, there is a bunch of banners stating that our server was sabotaged or whatever.
What really happened was, [Some lad who I won't name].... Our trusted and previous Co-Owner decided to create the developer rank and give himself every command on the server. He also took commands from Co-Owner and Moderator positions. As well as not allowing Gus to be Chief of Builds so none of those positions could stop him in his ploy to take down Bunnyville. He had been planning this for months an now threatens there is more to come.

He tried to burn everything while he left. He and his little buddy Sgt. Waflez (previous mod) banned every staff member and deleted the server and forums. However, he was extremely sloppy with what he did and we have recovered the server. As you can read in this banner

"On November 30, 2014, our server was sabotaged. The forums and server were deleted, although we had a backup of the server files. However, all user...